There is a certain fascination Life holds; defined in a splash of colours of despair, faith, love, conflict, happiness and a sense of awareness. My Life is a maze, a tangled web of emotions, thoughts and feelings I write so I can breathe. I am not at the end of my journey. Each passing moment is a journey in itself. My writings reflect my journey and I share my life through this. A gypsy through Life, my journey is endless, my day here, a pause, before I become aware of what more...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Evil's Refrain

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The shadows will visit
when other kinds of pain
begin to show up like old abandoned treasures,
biting into the flesh of your soul’s melting mass.

The blood will course
through poisoned veins
that stand out on a cold winter’s day,
reminders of aches spewing its venom,
cold burns leaving marks
that scour for attention and get it.

The smoke will course
through jarred passages of lungs
that have soaked up the tar
and rendered you breathless
while you survived the assault
of memories’ thirsty domination.

The levelling field of your perception
will dance upon these agonizing moments,
another hour or so,
crushing the depth of despair
and emerging to see
how worthless such moments of agony are
when you see
the losses that you have had
were somebody’s gain.

We all measure up in life’s scale,
much of evil in much of good,
much of good in much of evil
and the hungry two,
will vie for attention,
each wanting to grow.

What do you feed?

Copyright Sandy@2014

Trysts and Dreams

My errant dreams,
decide to merge playing stories in disconnect
and I wander,
a plaintive note,
seeking the rhapsody of the man who holds
the wand that skims the air
and fills it with reverberations of the surreal smokes,
lilting, touching
and nudging it out of morose empathy,
time lapses scoring a number,
better played,
roving eyes a symphony of jazz,
pulling and holding spell-bound
in the beguiling travesty of stolen fantasies.
On tip toes reality traces the footprints
of lovers’ trysts,
treading creaky boards
betraying covert rendezvous,
the lover and the beloved,
setting off the trembling needs,
all jarred by the morning’s calling bell.

Copyright Sandy@2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

And Thus It Simmers


Like a top, on a pin prick,
played and spun
over whimsical songs
that bards fling to the air
the stories of us has like pollen carried through,
planting seeds of passion
in the living dead.
Eyes raised,
I evade the questions
as I attempt to focus
on mundane designs of the day’s swell,
rising within me,
pulsating and aching,
it simmers all day,
a slow roast of delicious meat,
ready to serve desire’s enslaving demands,
devoured at will in places nobody dares whisper.
The pot has boiled and overflowed,
screaming out at the traces of your touch,
the steam rising,
heady and lingering,
in the room,
in the house,
and wafting to the neighbourhood. 

Copyight Sandy@2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Run I Must

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The moment is now,
don't I know between sighs and wanton desires
just how that is,
your masterful words entice,
tug at heartstrings and taunt the libido.
Run I must,
for, if I stay, rushes of the stormy passes,
biting winds will engulf,
strangle me as I gasp
in desires forbidden spasms
I will remain enslaved,
bound and marked,
and the twister will fling me to unknown shores.

Idling fantasies,
go knock a different door, 
I am a slave to life's vagaries
perchance we have met, 

why simmer and burn in alcoholic flames,
lapped and licked,

naught will remain when you disappear
like the wafts of breath in a cold wintry dawn, 

swallowed whole and gone
fading without a trace, 

as the blinding sun burns a different demand
just the salted taste of your skin will knock on my senses, 

the smell of you
rendering me useless for times yet unseen... run I must.

Copyright Sandy@2014


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Slithering out of dreams into wakefulness
tousled in the storm that was last night,
creeps in, your hands on my bosom,
heavy and plaint,
stealing and gently crushing
nudging the reminders of night’s reveling dance.
I stretch, pulled by the heat of your touch,
wandering truant hands, taunt and tease…
the kohl has betrayed everything
and traitor eyes shamelessly gather you in its lazy gaze.
I let you wander, and prod me awake,
lazy, languishing in bed, hungry and smiling,
half a dare half fondness
folded up in wrinkled embraces of legs entwined,
gripped by arms that entrap,
wrists locked down as you eat into my soul.  

Copyright Sandy@2014