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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conversations and the Silence in between

Conversations, like art and music plays on its own rhythm. My meeting and coming across so many people in life has added to the belief that each conversation is unique and has its own depth, shallowness, sadness and euphoria. The closer the relationship, the more definitive and distinct is its quality. I wasn't really talking about types of conversations really...I used the sentence to trigger off a chain of thoughts. Most times, it seems to be easier to have a conversation and then there are times it is really so much easier to write about things.

One such conversation was something I managed to recall verbatim (at least a span of it). And here it is. I had posted it years ago...I share it again because when I share it, I will re-live it all again and I know the person I shared it with will recall it and smile as well. There is no sense of something lost in the process anymore. I know and do believe life has come a long way from that beautiful night and I also know there is much more to today than there was yesterday. We constantly evolve and we constantly have the power to change what we do with our life...That power exists in each of us.

Profoundest of thoughts strike in the middle of the night...

Place: Lagos, my residence balcony

Participants : A friend and I, both blazed, both experimenting with respective cameras, both laughing ourselves silly

Time: I suppose 1 am ...who cares!

Status: Blazed with a bit of Baileys to add to the state of meta-physical being :)


Me: Guess what I was thinking of? (some place far in my mind...)
She: What? (lazy tone...still immersed in figuring out the digital Nikon she purchased on her trip to Dubai last month and bought because she liked the look of it)
Me: Haji Ali
She: Duh!
Both giggle
She: Waaat...(dragging tone)
Me: Yea, u know, the road that curves and goes towards Bandra....
She: Yea...except I was seeing it from the other side
Me: Hmm....(silence..pausing to think over that...its perspective after all!)
Me: (still thinking...)
She: That's because...
Me: Home was Colaba side for you....
She: Yea (tone is "Eureka")
(a span of silence here...each musing over the statement...and I see a theory here)
Me: There is a theory to this...
She waits for me to continue....
Me: Aha...so you see (smug with wisdom...giggling...) When we think of a direction to move or imagine it to move normally we face home...I used to be in Bandra...
She:(now frantic)...o...o...o...this camera has a voice recorder...let me record this...
Me: (laughing...the haze of smoke grows and I'm passing my fingers through it...) Hallowed smoke...
She: (giggles, nods,) yeah...O Shit, how do I get this going...where is it...I know it has a recorder...
Me: (thinking I wish I brought my cellphone out...at least I know how that one works)
She: WTF, how does this work...Sandy,...we will forget all we said...(tone getting more and more frantic by the second)
Me: (now trying harder than ever to get my mind to come back to the conversation we had...) What did we talk about anyways? (desperately seeking the thought!!!)
She: See...(still frantic) I know we will not remember...tomorrow we will forget, we wont remember any of it...
Me: Well...(struggling still) ...let me think...aw fuck...how will we remember tomorrow..I've already forgotten what we spoke about...such a profound theory...and its all lost...
She: (sick of the darned camera....puts it down and we continue smoking)
Me: I remember...we wont forget...

Now...I didn't forget...well the gist of it at least...I don't think my camera was there....no...it wasn't...I'm not editing this anyways....

Chill! Have a great life!!!!

- Sandy


  1. There is real value in allowing for silence between conversations. It is a common reaction to feel uncomfortable or awkward when a conversation goes silent. Yet, gaps in conversation are not necessarily negative. The silence can actually demonstrate respect, increase mutual understanding and make for better communication overall.

    Laila G (lano)

  2. Agree @Laila...the silence adds the depth to any mutual conversation than anything else...if there is discomfort in the silence, that should tell you something as well!
    Thanks for dropping by!