I write so I can breathe. I am constantly evolving, mindless at times, frustrating even perhaps but heck, I wouldn't change the smell of freedom that comes with writing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

For a Start

For the record before I go into anything I want to write about, I have something to say. This is not a conventional piece of writing. Not that I have to justify myself, but what the heck...I might as well, knowing that everyone is entitled to an opinion about everything and everyone does have a perspective to anything and everything in life. Probably, the only time you do not have a perspective is when you are dead...or perhaps, then the perception, well and truly, is crystal clear.

These pages will someday turn into a book. I cannot categorize it. I wrote it for my benefit and for those like me who have so much going on upstairs in that grey matter that they are compelled to share. There are no wrong answers and neither are there right ones. As these posts progress I know I will be self-contradictory to something I may have said earlier. That's okay really. I am not here to stint my progress and limit my perception to what I felt years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds ago. Soak up what you will. Let it make a difference to you. If you come out feeling excited, I am glad. If not, it's really no sweat because I did not write all this stuff for anyone's excitement. I wrote it primarily for my own and then because I got excited about it, I shared.

This year seems to be an important one in my life. I feel as if I have been in hibernation for a while and now that the dawn breaks, I want to contemplate before the brilliance of the daybreak. I am not too worried about that brilliance turning into evenings, sunsets and dusk, twilight and darkness. For, you see, the evenings have a charm of their own. They permit you to mellow down after the energies are spent, to mull over, to think and soak up, in tranquility, all the learning. It makes you select what you wish to learn and what you wish to un-learn so you may learn again.  It allows you to stop, enjoy the beauty of the evening, calm those crowded loud thoughts and allows you to cherish what you have done and linger thereafter, feeling a sense of closure on another day spent well. Why else would one wish to do anything? It also allows you to sigh and savour the beauty of being alive, the aura of everything around you and everything that has made you who you are today. Come night, those dreams come, nurtured by your thoughts, of what you have yet to tread on, do and be. Every phase of the time we have is in its own merit worth every bit of it.

That is, for a start.



  1. Thanks @Rohini - glad you went through it. I know it made sense to you.