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Monday, May 23, 2011


There is just something about ice-creams and feelings. Perhaps, it is unconnected. Why am I thinking about ice-cream? Oh well, I am sitting at my favourite place in Lagos. It is a hot summer afternoon, a Saturday afternoon, if I may add. The Paris Deli is a hub of constant chatter by day time, especially the weekends. It opens at seven thirty in the morning. Aha! Now, that is such bliss. Some place quiet to come to early in the morning. I was here early this morning and the place was deserted and quiet, just what I would like to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning…sit here and write about sweet nothings and tricky everything.
Anyways, that would take up an entire day. It is the ‘hot summer afternoon’ right now. I have with me a chilled glass of Lime and Mint….Yeah, that’s the picture. But some of the folks around me have ordered ice-cream. That is what got me thinking about ice-cream. Also, it is sinful. It can be such a comforter and bloody damaging… the teeth party with the pleasure of the chill setting in and melting in your mouth. ( I have also taken a sip of the Lime and Mint…it is absolutely refreshing…as imagined and visually perceived).

There is comfort. There is guilt. There is the sinfulness of it all.

I begin to imagine all the ways you can have ice-cream. Hey! Hey! I wasn’t about to go all over the naughty stuff you can do with it. I was thinking rain. I was thinking dancing in the rain. I was thinking getting drenched in the rain, getting really messy, eating ice-cream.

Versatile ice-cream. Sweet. Cool. Passion-driven. Guilt-trippy. Gluttony at its best. Fun. Sexy.

Ice-cream. And the Lime and Mint is good. Damn good.

(Lime and Mint Picture Copyright Sandy
Ice-cream picture - Courtesy Google Images)

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