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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love and all that it gives

(This really is an old piece in a new package)

Love is overrated. Actually, no! Love’s definitions are abused definitely. There are endless lessons in simply loving. No word encompasses the feelings if gladness, madness, anger and sadness more than love. It never quite allows you to realize the lessons until its way over the top or is over. So, why would love be defined as eternal if it gets over?

Ah well, if nothing, the lessons one masters becomes important at a far later stage in life than you realize. Let’s not mix love with relationships which most of us tend to do…committed relationships especially. Love transcends all of that and is above all of that.

So, what are the possibilities?

The things I have learnt of love in life are endless. They seem unimportant until something happens to give the lesson due importance at a later stage in life.

It is possible to separate from the person you truly deeply love and still remain connected forever, that too, not by making an effort at trying to forget but by acknowledging that such love and depth of feelings do exist for the person concerned. Then, no matter where you go, you never stop loving.

A friend can turn into someone you love very much but to turn a lover into a friend never happens. It is utter stupidity. In matters of love it works out best when you give your all and not want anything in return. The grief is not there then. It is just an inner peace that comes with the realization that you have the right to fall in love with someone but no right is ever given to you to expect the person to love you as much and in the same manner.

Breaking up always hurts. It’s something you have to snap out of. There is no weaning out really. You are either in or out. Subsequent to a break-up, you really discover the spiteful side of a person by the way you behave with the person you have broken up with. You also discover whether you are just as spiteful or not.

Love does mean having to say sorry, except, when you say so, mean it or don't say it at all. Love also means saying thank you. It does not mean you need to use just your vocal chords to do so. Use your heart and do please mean it!

Love has reason for making you do things that your mind will never begin to understand. Because, when you do something for the one you love, it is never an obligation. It is more of a wanting to do it and share the happiness it can bring to the other. It never is a second thought.

Love can make you do things you have never imagined possible. These can be the stupidest of things and the most courageous of things...It eventually all boils down to wisdom of love or the lack of it.

Why am I talking about love...? Well, we all have theories about love...the above are mine. For now. My conformity to what has just been written may or may not be there and I do not choose to argue my own points or contradict. The lessons you learn are not the end all and be all of life...it is what IS that matter. Always!!

- Sandy


  1. i liked the way you wrote about love sandy... i also like your writing style...

    hmmm... somehow, my ex and i managed to have a closure so we remained friends ;)...

    the first man i loved became a priest and he remained a soulmate til he went to rome...there's just that sense of connection and i know he still prays for me...

    love can make one do impossible things, i agree ;)...

    the first time i broke up, i cried a river for three days and my mom was there to help me out ;)...

    love doesn't just come and go...i believe that the right person will come at the right time and moment...:)...thanks for your post :)

  2. Thank you for taking time to read and also share your thoughts @Melissa - There sure is more to love...more posts will come I suppose on the subject. Every single bit is a journey and each new day a new lesson.

  3. Beautifully written...I guess that says it all.. :)