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Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Between Cups of Coffee?

Why is it "Between Cups of Coffee" and not "Between Sheets" or something half as sexy? It would have made such a better post...but then, it wouldn't have been half as serious or half as interesting...steamy yes...ah well! Alright! Let me tell you how this "Between Cups of Coffee" happened.

When you pass your darkest hour, the dawn breaks. My break of dawn has happened over the past few weeks. Over books I have been recommended to read, shoulders of support from friends who believed in me more than I believed in myself and between cups of coffee, I realized that I was in the morning of my life. That is how I felt it. Each day was an evolved perspective. When you hit rock bottom, all you can do is look up and rise.

So, thus, this blog starts off as between cups of coffee (and at times alcohol) I have had the most amazing uplifting of spirit. Err...pun was unintended but I seem to be paying way too much attention. Maybe it has to do with my sense of well-being that I am feeling now. I laugh more. I smile more. I pass by stuff unfazed and take what I wish to out of a conversation, share some, spread some of the inner gyaan, that sometimes makes utter sense and sometimes ridiculous, depending on who the conversation is with.

This seems to be turning out to be a purposeless post. Everything has a purpose. Even the things we feel has no purpose, has one. So, I am allowing myself to think beyond my own feelings about this one. It allows for thoughts to be expressed. All an attempt to read what I think and share with people who may or may not identify with it.

In the past weeks I have decided, if I have questions, I must also seek their answers. Answers, that may not necessarily come out of books. In fact, the best answers have arisen out of a vibrant conversation or utter silence after a thought has been expressed or a perspective shared. The purpose of my life has suddenly taken on a greater meaning. A quest, a dream, a journey outward, when in truth it has opened the windows to my soul and has permitted me to embark on the journey inward as well. This has come to me as a revelation and it has brought about a transformation in my relationships with people around me because I am relating to myself the way I have not related in a long long time. If I may use an extreme word to describe it, my life feels like a thought, brilliant in its hazy depth and ever evolving.

Not sure if this makes sense. But, it makes sense to me. Of course, it will. I am the one writing it and thinking it. Success to me, no longer means having a locker full of money or being famous or well-spoken about. It means being complete. It means an acknowledgment of one's own being, absolutely guilt-free.

I met this friend, over a cup of coffee and the air seemed buzzing with vibrant energy of positivity. This is coming from a friend who recently was very ill and had a near-death experience. He and I probably had planned this coffee conversation for eight years. It finally happened. Sometimes, life keeps some things from happening until the time is right. I do not decide it. I think somehow Providence plans it and destines it for a specific time. We have stayed in touch and met so many times but it was always, we have to have coffee together. There is something fascinating that happens when one has coffee together.

The time you will get to spend having a conversation with a person gets decided in the time a coffee gets ordered and sipped. Everything that takes place in that short span of time will decide whether you are going to be lingering on for another cup or we are going to walk out and move out on our separate ways without adding meaning to the time spent. That is the fascinating thing about coffee and what happens between cups of coffee.

The conversation drifted to spirituality and God. Obviously, as this happened soonest after his near-death experience. Strangely enough, I find people who have had near-death experience are somehow re-born and how! They suddenly seek happiness above all and seem to have understood the meaning of life. No amount of understanding of life as we see it can replicate that understand that one has after having had this event take place. There seems to be a message that God wants to convey to the world and it comes through the shared experiences of these people.

I could visualize a meeting he had with God. We all have free will which is a gift from God. What the world was and what it has come to is really a result of the decisions we have taken out of our free will. We are responsible for what we do and we are answerable to God for it in the end when we stand before Him after we die. Eventually, life is all about being happy. We are a prejudiced lot of people, strongly prejudiced in our opinion and boxed into little enclosures we are too fearful of treading out of. God did not create this enclosure. We did. We thereafter, live in it, crib, rave, rant, do wrongs and blame others for it.

Each of us, no matter how good, bad or ugly we are, we know, we have brought it upon ourselves to what we have become. the journey of life can either be that of a slave to the rules, systems we have ingrained within ourselves or limited ourselves to or spread genuine happiness around us which is neither feigned or obligated.

All said and done, he had been through something amazing. I felt the aura of someone enlightened to a better degree than most of us who are living our lives foolishly. Yes, I include myself in that crowd but hey, I am trying to break out. Someday I will...and it will all come together, between cups of coffee....and spirit (as well). Eh!

- Sandy

(ps) He told me he had the most amazing feeling of utter contentment and bliss while his meeting lasted. Lucky Dude!


  1. Beautiful Sandy :) so much to connect with here. "Each of us, no mater how good, bad or ugly we are, we know, we have brought it upon ourselves to what we have become. the journey of life can either be that of a slave to the rules, systems we have ingrained within ourselves or limited ourselves to or spread genuine happiness around us which is neither feigned or obligated." loved this.

  2. @Mistybella - thank you! Glad you came by and read.

  3. hey sandy dint know the writer in u at all probably that was bcoz we dint hve coffee 2gether....lol....on the serious note i do think evthng is planned prior so even the coffee 2 ...god decides the other person as 2 hw we r handling ourselves n when we are really down n in pits he sends us such people who hve seen so much...n yet see life as a wonderful blessing ...as the saying goes life belongs not 2 the person who fell but 2 him who got up n made it ahead.......i do wish 2 read many more of these in the coming days......u r spreading happiness 2 so keep it going .....bhushy

  4. @Bhushy - never too late to have coffee. I always feel coffee manages to connect people on different levels. Each of those levels are unique. That is what makes it so special.
    Thank you for thinking I am spreading happiness. Am glad you feel so.