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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awesomeness Magic and Wonder - Life

If you aren’t moving, you are as good as dead. Do not confuse this with moving on. What I mean is, each day, life does teach you something new. Embrace it. Embrace it like you embrace a new friend you make. Now, if you haven’t made new friends, you aren’t moving. A number of times I am told how can you have so many friends online that you have never met? I grin. Mostly I say, “You can do that too.” I am not an extrovert by nature…or am I? Hell, I don’t know. I just know that it doesn’t matter whether I have met them or not met them. Friends are friends. There is always this nagging doubt about…what if? What if the person you have embraced as a friend without even meeting turns out to be a fraud, someone who was fooling you? I understand that. There is always a fear. Tough luck buddy! My point is do you give up?

Life has this awesomeness and sense of wonder about it. There are days which really feel you are half way stuck in a swamp, being dragged down with your problems. Truth is, everyone has problems. A friend told me yesterday; if it gets too much, just put it on pause. Deal with it when you are ready. Nobody can make you do something you do not want to. It is okay to be hurt, it is okay to be confused, it is okay to have self-doubt. But, it is not okay to pull yourself to the ground. Wise heah! Yup! And I love you so much!

So, there has been stuff going on inside my head. I am learning each day to stay afloat. Sometimes I swim upstream, tired, my arms screaming for rest. I push myself. When it all comes to a level of calm, I float. When it is smooth, sometimes you glide. Life is like that. You have to ride it the way it is and make the most out of it. The wonder of it all never ceases. When we were children, everything had an air of magic to it. There was a sense of wonder. Do you remember how you felt when you saw a firefly for the first time? Do you remember how you felt when the rainbow swung across the horizon? Do you remember the delight of catching a tadpole and believing it was fish? Do you recall the first feel of snow on the tip of your nose? Hailstorms that suddenly made you wonder how ice could fall instead of rain.

Whatever happened? I know what happened. We grew older. Education and passed down opinions taught us to be afraid, lose our sense of wonder, faded the magic right out of our lives. We are a cynical lot. I am. I know I am. I am also my biggest critic. I am a loony when it comes to holding conversations with me. What do you do if your thoughts are with you as a constant companion?

The beauty of Life is that each day it teaches you something new. The awesomeness of it all is, you have the opportunity to change the way you think with every added thought, every single conversation, every line read. The choice is yours. I would like to never believe what I said yesterday will hold its ground tomorrow. How can it? What happens if I learn something new today? How can I hold what I believed yesterday and be rigid about it? Does that make me indecisive? Honestly, if people think it makes me indecisive, that is their problem. I know where I am coming from. I may not have a clue where I am going but I refuse to give up on the awesomeness of life.

Oh, and yes, I do know, my friends, in person and virtual really are my most amazing support system. I love you all!

Go, enjoy today’s awesomeness. Today will pass and you will want to remember the magic and wonder of it all. If you cannot find magic and wonder in it, make it magical, wonderful and let someone else believe how awesome it is.


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  1. Soooo love your posts...you speak to me!! :-)

  2. Thanks Priya! Sent you an inbox on FB. Do check!

  3. hey sandy beautifully written......change is the in thing today.....even water becomes drinkable only when it moves or flows else it stinks,mosquitoes breed,blah blah blah....so have 2 move in life n adapt 2 the new things...when life becomes complicated due 2 our growing up we wish "how nice it would be if we were children?" but as u said who is stopping us 2 enjoy life...life is a gift n have 2 enjoy it....as u said in one of ur posts "never regret anything in life because at one time u just wanted it badly in your life" thanks sandy ....u make life more meaningful n beautiful by rekindling the spirit of life . Cheers to life..

  4. Most welcome Bhushan! Have an awesome day!

  5. new blog again? yeah... i keep moving. definitely.

    am feeling free to drop a comment. its 11:18 in d night and a new tom hanks julia roberts movie is out.

  6. Yes blog again...possibly i am a cleaning up freak or someone seeking newness and magic everywhere...it also keeps me away from being recognized as a prolific blogger. This one isn't even registered on blog networks...keeping it all away from such limitations for writing.
    How are you, Kush?

  7. I am good. Today was a great day I reconnected with someone, yesterday night actually. That calm, even voice has put me to peace again.