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Monday, September 26, 2011

Full Circle

Nothing frightens us than the unknown and that which lies beyond that unknown. Over the years, I have found life to somehow come full circle. I am not referring to a particular incident in my life. It is more the entire cycle of this one life. Everything makes its way to us. Destruction always needs to be approached positively. The dance of life is the destruction of evil, of negated things and then that makes way for better things that can be created. Life comes full circle no doubt but when it does, has it brought you to that point again whether you take a wiser perspective of it or remain the same is the question.

I was going back some years…it is the time I spent in Mumbai in 2005. I cannot begin to gather the little treasured gifts of some friendships that began then. Each person I interacted with, met, spoke to (or avoided) had some impact on me. I remember a friendship that started with someone asking me if I had heard ‘Have I told You Lately’ by Rod Steward and @Strangers in the Night’ by Frank Sinatra. Oh yes, I do believe, every person we meet comes to us with a reason, for a season or a purpose and sometimes they are simply there forever. I am rambling…actually; I am trying to keep it as vague as possible. I am smiling. One sometimes does feel the sun set without seeing it, longing for answers that really haven’t found their way quite into one’s head yet but you know they are hovering somewhere close by. Only, we are deliberately blinded by other reasons to not see them. Life comes full circle when you allow those questions to be answered. You cannot run and hide forever. Someday, you have to embrace what your soul has been rambling to you all along. Full Circle then.

There is an unsaid law of nature. The law of Karma. What goes around comes around. That is probably the closest one can come to begin to explain what full circle really means. All those rights and all those wrongs will catch up with you eventually. What you have taken all along, you will need to return, maybe not in the same quantities, but return you will need to. What you have given will come back to you, good, bad, ugly. So, it is really your call what you wish to give out. Remember, one fine day, when you are fun and fabulous at fifty, that dreaded nemesis of bad Karma might just lurk around your neighbourhood again. Be kind to yourself and be kind to those around you. Make someone’s day. Someone, somewhere, might be thinking and doing exactly that. Eventually, your turn will come. You would want to be prepared for that.

Peace Out!

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