I write so I can breathe. I am constantly evolving, mindless at times, frustrating even perhaps but heck, I wouldn't change the smell of freedom that comes with writing.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


A throbbing ache lights up
deep within my heart
as my final gulps of life I breathe
a twinge of desire rises and recedes
…marked upon every page
of a life that accepted not confinement
within regimes of social desires.

My arrogance, that defied
conventions of decadence and spite
stands today amongst all,
triumphant and free.

What lies within my heart is not
an invitation for discussion.
I will roam the realms of life
alone, laughing at those
who thought I would lie
defeated and bed-ridden
diseased by the idiosyncrasies
of this lesser mortal life.

Copyright Sandy@2010

Wakeful Dreams

Snug in the warm comfort
in my world of dreams
a child I am again
leaping kangaroo strides,
thoughts leading me…

on my toes I stand atop the Everest
fingertips touching the moon

The winds of the deserts beckon
slivers of moonlight
tease with a mystery touch
and here again I wake…
sigh and comprehend reality
as sleep eludes

Hands reach out to finish
Jeffery Archer’s fantastic spread
…excitement mounts like speed
on a go-karting summer day.
The thriller keeps me up
the leftovers of the night.

Copyright Sandy@2010

Where do the Walls Come From?

I can tell
when silences resonate
louder than the boom.

They come crawling 
bleeding through 
the mysterious seepage.

Echoes of hollow dreams
meander through darkness
screaming all the way.

Nightmares they are called 
spoiling for release 
between insomnia and wakefulness.

Copyright Sandy@2011

Cosmic Symphony

How does one explain
life in a bubble
when the cosmos beckons
swirling across the smouldering
quiet skies
onto a universe
rich, rare, remote
...unknown travels
journeys outward
transitions within
those smoky swirls
of tomorrows
yet unseen?

Copyright Sandy@2011

Window Without a View

...when you are six feet under
without really being there
when all you wish to be
is asleep forever
the rest will then begin

...when you do not wish
to have a view
to not see what really
stands out
blatant, brutally
and you cant help but choke

...when all you are
culminates to the single point
of futility
of running and trying
to win a race you wish wasn't there
and didn't matter


Copyright Sandy@2011


entangled in the blue darkness
swirling around confusion
deep darkened corridors alone
my respite.

Copyright Sandy@2011