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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Absent Voice of Reason and Sibal

Name: Kapil Sibal
Occupation:Union Cabinet Minister (Human Resource Development and Communications and Information Technology)

How far, we, the common Indian have come in the arena of tolerance! It amazes me even further that our politicians have really taken the cake though of testing this very invaluable quality. Mr Sibal, do keep in mind that while we have been a tolerant lot, your favourite pastime of ‘spreading scientific knowledge and reasoning’ have come to naught.

Do pay attention to your duties as a Cabinet Minister in doing some good for the country than try to be pushy and bring about changes that really is going to become one of those crucial final nails in the coffin for you and your party. Quite pertinently, may I mention that the two portfolios you handle are challenging enough and they have already displayed the inadequacies of your ability to handle them.

There is a lack of focus on the bigger issues that you ought to be handling. Harping about what gets around on the Internet and objecting to the objectionable content really isn’t what the ‘aam junta’ voted you to your chair for. (Mr Prime Minister, please do think about what portfolio you dish out to which august member of your team.) It would seem to me you have clicked on objectionable content that had a virus riding on it and it messed up your system, and quite apparently your head too. Aha! If that is what happened, who are you to tell us what we choose to view and what we don’t on the Internet?

Let me also remind you, there is a reason why we adults are called adults and parents are called parents and somewhere in between are the voices of reason of gurus, teachers and peers, not to forget one’s own mental faculty. Do you, in your futuristic vision look to parenting, monitoring and regulating the lives of a billion Indians personally?

We, the people of India believe you have a far bigger challenge in completing what you had initially set out to do when you took your oath. Let me remind you, that ‘to do list’ still hasn’t received its due check mark. We all have list of things to do on a daily basis, then there are short term plans and long term plans. For a major part of it, we do what we set out to do instead of meddling so much into the rights of others and not achieving our essentials. As an HR professional I know what I have been aiming to set right wherever I have worked and it definitely does not entail censor. If you got it in you to do it, you will do it in such a manner so as to keep the end goal in mind and respect the sensibility of the individual. What’s the end goal in mind here? Are you reading too much of negative stuff about yourself or is this your way of being in the news? Cheap shot Mr Sibal!

Please, do not dis-respect our sense of what is right and wrong. Your sense of ‘wrong’ really isn’t our sense of ‘wrong’. We do not regulate the web content you go through. We do not do that for our kids either. What we do is share the wisdom of growing net savvy and safeguarding our self-respect on the Internet and in real life. Basics Mr Sibal. Absolute basics. It is not just what you do it. It is how you do it. Endearing yourself to the masses is definitely not happening here and you are only opening yourself to further scrutiny of what you haven’t done over the years than what you have. Every problem has a solution and this is not really one. It also doesn’t mean the easiest solution in your line of sight is effectively the best. Please do heed what the people are saying.

I am not someone who actively gets involved in the politics of it all. Please do not let your august chair become a thing of the past by next August. This is a gentle reminder that the masses will tolerate impositions only up to a limit. The freedom of free thinking cannot be limited because you choose to snip it with your ridiculous ideas simply because you are in a position to do so. Please also be gently reminded that the people who have placed you on that chair can pull the carpet from right beneath the place where you have placed your bottom. Don’t fall hard on your backside before you open your eyes to what you are doing here. Focus on what makes a difference positively. Really.

Communicate right. It is in your portfolio to do so. If you cannot, please do step down. Your time is running out. Be wary. You may not be there in the ministry for long…there will be elections again. Do not mess with your own political aspirations.

Reading is also believed to be one of your pastimes. Please do read this post. It is simply my way of telling you that you have a service to the nation. There are major contributions you can make while sitting on that chair. Do that damned chair justice!

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  1. This is the most shameful thing to have happened. He is just not sure about what he did i guess. In a democracy like ours, it is just not acceptable. Why do we have people at the top who find it quite difficult to mind their own business and do justice to it.