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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Those Who Made a Difference - 2

I am so glad that I sat down yesterday to begin to thank those who touched my life in such significant ways this year. It makes me feel blessed. It also got me thinking that in our daily lives we have so many special moments that we tend to overlook because we focus so much on what isn't happening right. Yes, it's fine to right a wrong. It is also important to acknowkedge a right. The best things in life are priceless. I do think it is also important that people know they have made a difference, no matter how insignificant it may have seemed then in their eyes.

So...the journey continues...

I also realise in the journey of thanking so many, I have, in fact, managed to erase the misery of some really troubled times because these people were around. I am smiling today. Much as I owe it to myself, I owe it to countless others who had to gently move me in that direction.

Reg Athwal. My mentor. I do not meet you every day. I do not speak to you every day. Somehow, I have managed to find you there right when I needed to. The BIRDS works for me. I always have those breakthroughs, those ideas, those reminders, those decisions starting at me in the face. Thank you for opening that window through which the light came in. It has helped me move to better days and I look ahead with so much of promise. Thank you for being there. You have some timing!

Rakhi. My twin. My sibling. Endless conversations on the phone has made such a huge difference. I like the fact that I can un-hide all my madness and be myself. I cherish that comfort and sense of belonging I get from you. A joke is funnier, men become hotter and colder, life becomes a bitch and then heaven...all depending on how we have felt...randomness and clarity. I cannot have that with another sibling. You are my rock. I love you!

Vivian. When I think of you, I smile. I know I have pulled your leg and always gotten away with it. I needed to joke around and you always made it fun. Hug your little one for me. I love you.

Rohini. Aha. It really doesn't matter how often people meet. You have been a source of laughter and fun somehow without us meeting each other all the time. For someone I meet so rarely, (and that's a blue blue moon) I feel a connection of life with you. Thank you for making this year one of smiles for me. You reminded me of how okay it is to be yourself....and one big lesson of...if you have a problem, its yours, not mine...that we needn't be so hard on ourselves. Here are big hugs to you. I love you!

Pinni Bhabhi. My sounding board. My motivation. I cannot tell you how much joy and spirit you bring to my life. I speak to you and I feel better and it begins with that first hello on the phone. A big japphi to you. You rock my world fabulously and you are one of my most favourite people on the planet! I love you.

Gaurav. Aarti. Thank you for not judging. It is never easy to do that. I love you both.

Mahesh. Rimpy. You are such big-hearted people. Thank you for some really good shared moments just when I needed it. Hugs!

Anuja Upadhyay. I met you after decades. I didn't think you would remember me. There is a reason while we are children, we look up to our seniors in school. Despite not directly spending any time with you in school, you made it seem the most natural thing to accept me for who I am. I felt a shared connection. Thank you for realizations. They help. Hugs!

Bindi. Sister. Friend. I cannot think of you without thinking of how much laughter is there in my life when you are around. Thank you for sticking by when most walked out. You are loved and cherished immensely. I love you.

Chitra. Parina. My women Fridays. You have gone out of your way to be such large-hearted people. Thank you for making my travels and stays in various places such a matter of convenience. Thank you for being there. Hugs!

Nitin. Little did I know when I met you that you would bring with you such wonderful set of people in my life. Thank you for making things quicker, for being there right when I needed you. Hugs.

Anupama Vinayak. You are a life-saver! And you know why. I couldn't have managed what I did manage without you. Thank you ever so much.  

Gul Mama. Nancy Aunty. Steven. Ria. Thank you for not making me feel like an outcast. Your support and acceptance of me for simply being me is cherished. God Bless. Hugs.

Ejemen. Fun woman. You made it all so easy for me to be the silly mad person I am when I am with friends. Thank you for lighting up my life. Thank you for also bringing to me a world of more fun people. Love you!

Haresh. Harsha. You were always supportive and quietly so. Thank you for all the times you have helped me in my journey this year. God Bless!

Jackie. You lit my little one's life and gave her one of the best days during the vacation in Dubai. Thank you for being there. Dubai is memorable because you made it fun and special. Thank you. It was much needed. Hugs!

Kapil. My wingman. In all these years I have had you as a friend, you have always made it a point to ensure I always felt special. Thank you for making me feel gorgeous. I love you. Hugs.

Roy. Thank you for being my sounding board. I will always miss the perspective. Thank you for being such a huge help. Hugs.

Naren. Pops, thank you for the laughter you have brought to my life. You have such a big heart. Hugs!

Onir. Sanjay. I AM moved me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the I AM family. You guys rock. I love you!

Naresh. Thank you for being around. Thank you to Ankita for being such a sweetheart with Megs. God Bless. 

Barkha. We didn't meet half as often but thank you for lending me that ear when I wanted to talk. Thank you to Sallu and Vinky for being such sweethearts with Megs. I love you!

Saif. My first thought is a laugh. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being there. Thank you for the countless support on Twitter and protecting me from unwanted people. I am glad we are friends. Hugs!

Puja. Bindu. Vinay. Navtej.  Thank you for your constant support, the banter and the smiles it brought to me.Thank you for making me feel special. Hugs!

Alpana Jaiswal. You touched my life. Thank you for listening. Those phone calls made a difference. I love you.

Rinzin. Mwah! You have not changed one bit. I love you! Thank you for the fun conversations and the absolute silliness of it all. Much needed. Cherished.

Amarjeet. Thank you for the ease of friendship. I wish you success. Hugs!

Kaveri. Never met but always connected on a different level. You are a source of strength and touch so many lives. You touched mine. Love you! Yes girl, even when you didn't know.

Sakitya. Your creativity touched my life. Thank you for the endless conversations that opened up a world of wonder. You understand my soul and do make such a difference! Love you!

Sathyajit. Thank you for that fabulous document you sent me. It made me feel better. Thank you for opening important doors. Absolutely. Hugs!

They say, people come into your life for a reason. Sometimes when the purpose is fulfilled, they move on. Perhaps, that is why, it is important to thank people when they are around in your life. You never know when you may lose that chance.

- Sandy


  1. Thank u for this one Sandy..you are responsible for what I am today,you gave me the strength to walk away from what I was going through in life,you introduced me into writing..and my life took a different turn altogether..I will never forget what you have done for me...I love u and always will...

  2. Love you too Alpu. You just needed a nudge. You will alwys be special! :) HUGS

  3. :-) Nice way of expressing gratitudel

  4. This is so beautiful Sandy. I've missed several posts, I think I missed part 1 of this. Your blog is like an open diary which when read not only discloses your innermost thoughts but your experiences with life and friends as well.

    I love the theme of thanksgiving here :) I also thank that these people have truly made a difference in your life ;) Continue growing :)

  5. You are at the core of this impact that you say that i have on you. I am at the core of the impact that you have on I. The 'magic' that we worship is at the core of all the impact that which is emerging out of us. love you too.

  6. @Sak - I jsut so know what you mean. :) Hugs!