I write so I can breathe. I am constantly evolving, mindless at times, frustrating even perhaps but heck, I wouldn't change the smell of freedom that comes with writing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award was  gifted to me by my friend Pushpa Moorjani who is an avid blogger Papad Chai and has an amazing heart.

It is only right to pass on the award to a few bloggers I totally adore.

Varsha - babe this is for your blog Varsha Agnihotri the slices of life and matters of the heart that reaches out to so many who so need it.

Deesh - for the poetry Thought Drops that speak more than you do

Deborah Grey - for the stand you take and all of that which makes you stand real TALL literally Plunging Necklines is a pure 'come dare me' blog

Here is the award for you!!!


Keep going strong!!!!