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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Your Life's Playlist

Have you ever noticed something? When people visit or touch your life and leave a stamp on it, your playlist changes; your life can be defined by your playlist. We all know, one way or the other, love defines and chalks out the story of your life. Well, I reckon music does that as well. Think about it. When you meet someone or when someone new enters your life, you are touched by music that may have already been there and music that you have never in your life bothered to listen to. People you have lived with, grown up with; your mom, dad, sibling, friend, foe, lover, betrayer….

Now, go a little deeper than just that statement and think about what worked and what didn’t. Get it? There is so much that can be told about you simply by defining the music that rules your life. Yes, isn’t that like a bulb lighting up. My bulb lit up years ago about this but I never quite got into the flow of writing about it. We talk about it. At least I did, at regular phases of my life; of how the music you listen to is telling you about where your life has been, is heading towards or rather, really is.

I grew up listening to a variety of music. This formed the basis of my growing years…heck, my entire life to date. I loved some songs and the ones I really liked was the one where the lyrics spoke to me or defined who I was. It also reflected what I wanted and how I felt and aspired for. It didn’t really change. The pattern, I mean. Every phase of my life had a certain type of music that appealed to me, that I sang (or rather croaked) and believed in. All those growing years, falling in love for the first time, a memorable moment with someone, hanging out with friends, and a funny incident, it was all a part of me. It was a part of my soul speaking in a language I have no talent to form really except repeat.

I have no sense of creating music. Music can be converted into words, a poem or a piece. So can a painting or a picture but I can talk about that later. Music – ah! Much as I would want to learn to play an instrument, create something in music, I am handicapped in the same way my daughter is gifted. However, I also know, I am not the only one in the world. There are some like me. I do not draw comfort from that but draw a certain sense of satisfaction that I have still managed to be somehow surrounded by music that defines life. I had written a piece on books defining my life (let me not digress though) and yes, music too really does that, perhaps, on an emotional plane more than anything else. Soul.

That paragraph above was a digression really.

So, getting back, music is reminders of times; good, bad, and ugly it may be, but memorable. You don’t forget. Songs hide in recesses of your head until a memory reminds you of it. More often, though, it is the other way around. Songs remind you of people, moments, a smile, a laugh, a tear, anger, frustration, embarrassment, insult, friendship and love. It permits you to remember people you have otherwise not thought of in years and decades. It is akin to a touch-up on something that has greyed and faded.

Also, sometimes, the music you hate is what you begin to listen to just so you are with someone because you want to make that effort to know a person. There will be times, you discover a joy in a new genre of music and there will be times where your life will get frustrating because you are pushed to listen to a certain type of music that just doesn’t get to you. Pause here a moment. Think. What really happens? Are you making an effort to listen to that particular music? Are you listening because you have never heard it and you like what you are hearing and it is coming to you effortlessly? What is it that makes you hate the music? Do you link it with the irritation a person brings or the kind of person you think the person listening to it is? Is it eventually something you live with or let go? Quite like relationships eh?

Okay, here is the chain of thought. Music, like people, will come to touch your life. Some will stay forever or at least as long as you are alive. Some will be hated, some forgotten, some let go of, and others remembered either with a wistful sigh or a smile in your heart. Creeping upon you on a sad day, you will hum and sing your comfort numbers (yes, no matter how bad a singer you think you are) and some days, when you simply remember someone, you will touch upon or hunt for that melody….just to tune in to that memory and moment and re-live it.

Aye, there is life in music and, like photographs, they can conjure vivid memories of moments in your life; the marked moments that you somehow will never really forget because my friend, that, is what, touches your life and nudges you every now and then.

What’s your playlist?

- Sandy

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