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Thursday, July 5, 2012

That Thing called Love

Many have argued over the statement ‘love is blind’. Oh yea. It’s deaf and dumb too!!! I kept defying it over and over again all these years that love has its sensibility. Really? No, love really is well and truly blind. When you love someone, there is a point where how the person looks, rich or poor, how fit or fat he or she is, becomes insignificant eventually. All that ends up is the love and feeling you have for each other. Yea, draw out the brickbats!

No, all the girls do not get bad guys. Some get whoever they love, just the way they are. Lucky you know what!!! And that, my friend, is the beauty of love, the utter magic of it, the awe and wonder of it. Love has no shape or size. What matters is the size of your heart. Love is pure then in its feeling, in its hope and belief.

I am often asked, Sandy, we will grow old and be all alone. There is a degree of panic and fear in that statement. I am also told quite often, your relationship with yourself, if good, will suffice. Eh! Naah! There is nothing like an all-encompassing hug, an intimate kiss, a look across the room…Oh! For God’s sake, those goose bumps are worth the feel. Ever got that sinking fluttering feeling in your stomach? That’s something you want to not ever have? Yes, the wrong face on the pillow is insane but hey, the right one is worth all that trouble.

Ah! I couldn’t settle for a life where I did not feel these things. We will pass through this full time institution called life, fall in love, rise in love, cry and hurt in love and triumph in love. That is the essence of who we are. What’s the point if it is not mad, passionate love? Why settle for anything less when you know just how complete and perfect it can be? There is no guarantee that the one you love will love you back. Most of the time, one becomes the giver and another who takes it all. Reciprocation in equal measure, mutual feelings are a sweet balance in a world called Utopia. You my friend, you and I live in a world where there is a constant seeking of a love like that.

I am rambling. So does love. It rambles into your life, lights it up. Sometimes it stays, sometimes it goes. That is the nature of love in its essence. It needs to grow…and if it cannot, it seeks a person who will permit it to grow into a lifetime of affection, love and trust which will make every little thing count. Love also is that chaotic messy elf that can drive you up the wall with its frustrating wait and wanting to reach out.

You will make mistakes in choosing the right one. So be it. Every heartache will teach you stuff no school will ever do. Every stolen look will do exactly the same.

Worth a try?

Worth every dare. 
- Sandy


  1. Yes, my dear, do dare. Blessings.

  2. Shobha - yes love! Bless your big heart as well!

  3. The feeling of being in Love is totally worth it... Beautiful Read!

  4. I believe Love is something that finds you. You don't have to go looking for it. Its amazing if happens(your goosebumps examples captured it very aptly) but if you force it to happen, its just not it. Last week I posted on Indivine about How to choose THE ONE and why do you need THE ONE. Do check that out :)

  5. wow...being in love says it all.Worth a try only when one is blessed in love :)