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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Walk in the Rain

For the past two days, it rains early morning and while I have sunk deeper between my sheets wanting to stay put forever and enjoy the pitter-patter outside, I have a pooch who probably hates it as much as I love it. This morning, when I woke, it was the same. The rain’s steady drizzle, a bit on the heavy side, made me want to just stay in bed and the pooch, oh, he so wanted to go out. It’s not for the love of rain for him. For me, it is.

It’s not possible to sleep after you wake up to the phone ringing so I thought hey, why not. Yes, I ventured out. Out we went, coordinated (which I noticed when I got back home) in black and white and heck, what’s the worst that can happen? The rain is not going to kill us and we can always dry up. Yay!

The rains make me happy and they make me pensive. You can really think there are so many new things that tend to creep into your head. I wondered about something. I am not sure if I should speak aloud but then, let me squelch that restrictive wondering and get on with it. Has it ever crossed your mind that when you meet new people, they touch your life in a way only they can possibly touch? That is, I believe, because every new person you meet has a part (no matter how small) to play in your life.

What really happens when you meet a new person? Make a new friend? Do you go looking for old familiar things that are similar to other friends you have or do you find yourself drawn to new things, new pleasant things you did not think existed, new lessons, new discoveries? I realised that the bunch of people who have lit up my life recently have done that. They have brought into my life, a refreshing newness that makes me smile, a sense of wonder at the amount of stuff I do not know, a burst of joy into my life when I really needed it the most. You have no idea just how much. But I needed it.

So, here is what is happening now. I am learning new music, singing when I feel like, seeing and taking pictures in a new light, feeling proud to discover my kid has grown up so much that she is becoming more of a friend, laughing at the irony of life, shaking my head at the emotions I am going through, understanding better, realizing that one needs to really let the sand slip through your fist and leave your fingertips (it frees you hand and makes it alive again).

The familiarity of the old in my life still remains. Some of it will make way for the unfamiliar as much as it scares me and makes me want to run and hide or cry. Rains are cleansing. Somewhere, it allows me to wash out a lot of things that have grown like a moss on me. All it needs is a little scraping and hey, that’s done when you have a hand to clean up with.

What has the rain got to do with it? Everything. Well, mostly everything. Maybe it appears to be a dumb thing to say things you really want to say sometimes. When it’s raining, like it is now, you could ask me anything right now and I would say it. All it will take is a cup of steaming hot coffee snuggled between the palm of my hands, its warmth seeping in, the cool breeze caressing my face and a deep breath to begin. It would be such a perfect time to share feelings. A lot of feelings and emotions in our lives take our breath away and with it comes a burst of loving comfort. It may last. It may not last. I do not know that. When it rains, it feels like hey anything may work or not work but should an opportunity arise I would not want to miss a chance to feel the things I feel right now.

Rains. They make me want to take chances. That is what being alive is all about. 
- Sandy


  1. Yes, life is all about that.
    Rains are special always makes me fill good.

  2. If RAIN is music to your ears,go ahead and dance now...who knows next year there may not be any!Isn't that your philospy of life?Keep at it..you have nothing to lose except your sanity in this Mad,Mad World!

  3. @Mirchi - if its a mad world I am normal :)