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Saturday, July 7, 2012

When you grow in Friendship

It feels the best thing ever when your friends actually permeate your life in such a way that each of us grow as individuals, learning new things, attempting what one has never done before. As I sit, early morning, sipping my cup of coffee, an early morning cup which I haven't done in a really long time, I know this to be such a blessing. 

We cross paths with countless people, in parties, social gatherings, chance encounters in a book store or anywhere for that matter. You know, there is a difference in your life once we strike a chord and become friends. I keep saying, we all touch each other's lives for a purpose. I know that to be true. I, just as you, have been touched by countless lives. They do make a difference. It is always important to thank God for those who have impacted your life and are instrumental in shaping it the way it is going. 

You realise that there is a time and place for everything and definitely a moment when the path you take depends on what your friend has done for you and to you. There are no expectations and yet somehow, in its own unique way, there is a transformation. I am not speaking of the negative transformations. Why speak of the negative when one can get so much out of the positive? 

So, getting back, the trasformation comes in the shape of new lessons learned. In this unending institution called life, learning is often associated with going through all that hasn't fallen through for you and you learn a lesson out of it. The beauty of friendship is, in the class of friendship, learning is fun, it is an experience that nurtures a bond like nothing else, makes life easier to live through and in most cases allows you to grow. I know, and many of you whom I have crossed paths will, once you sit back and think for a moment, have felt this positive force. There has been this rush of feel-good factor every time you have met someone who gets you to look at life differently. I know I have. I am happy and blessed that I have had this good fortune to have been changed by so many special people. 

Not to forget, I also know, there is a certain amount of space my older friends, beautiful people I have known over decades, have given me to be me. I am forever grateful to that kind of unique relationship. May be all of it isn't half as cool as it sounds to be. So be it. Yes, there will be disappointments, pain, betrayal of trust, crushing of hopes and dreams, a certain degree of indifference and whatever else that gets us down. Sometimes, friends do it, sometimes lovers do it. It hurts like hell. The truth is, for every friend who hurts you and stuns you with unexpected, undreamt-of disdain, you will have one that pulls you through it. Ain't that beautiful?

Every friend of mine has changed my life in a way only they could ever touch or change. Every person I have cherished has made me who I am. There is a reflection of that, even if it's just for a period of time, (or shows up like a blue moon), in my life at some point or the other. I would have never done or attempted half the things I have done in my life if it was not for these miracles called friends. My heartaches and heartbreaks would have killed me by now, had these friends not been there to tell me (even when sometimes its too late) just where it was and reach out to grab my hand. I have hung on the edge of chasms so deep and yet miraculously I am alive.

Yes indeed! Your life is yours alone but it has been shaped, to a great degree, by the friends you love deeply. All I know is, without the strong support system of this chosen family, I would have long been dead. 

Thank you. May I help you grow in friendship as well....and yes, kick your butt when you need it as well. 

- Sandy


  1. WOW... *tears* Speechless!!!! Priceless!!!!

  2. Sandy,this is a beautiful post.I know how u have touched my life,I was totally lost,my life was in a total mess,and u got me out from it.I know what you mean to me,I may have drifted away,but I can never forget what you have done for me.You are an amazing woman Sandy,one only gets to learn from you,Some people weave burlap into the fabric of our lives, and some weave gold thread. Both contribute to make the whole picture
    beautiful and unique...Thank you for coming into my life...love u always.

  3. Right from the heart.. Sandy i'm still amazed at how similar our thoughts are. I guess its high time we meet in person!. hugs!!

  4. @Ada - thank you sweetie

    Alpu - You know and I know. As long as you are happy, that is what matters...and i am glad to be there for you. Hugs

    Ays - whenever it is time, we shall meet. Take care until then.

  5. That's such a sweet post!:D:)
    I was reading the whole post and smiling to myself! Made my evening!
    Your last line - fab!:D:D

  6. Realities of life.
    Nicely written.