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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ponder This

Sometimes, when there is too much to say, nothing comes out. Perhaps, that is because the flow of thoughts is way faster than the speed of your fingers on the keyboard. Life seems to become like that sometimes. You try really hard to gather it all up and it keeps spilling over. We get restless. It is like being in a noisy retreat (yes, I did intentionally say ‘noisy retreat’) within yourself, the time when you go deep within and attempt to find your peace with life, with your own emotions and feelings that have a way with barging into your life and making you miserable most times. I am jubilant today. I am sad tomorrow. I am everything. I am nothing.

So, every so often, there is wisdom in letting go. When you are in a transit into something you have no clue about, you might as well appreciate what you see, feel, hear, touch, smell and make small attempts to begin to recognize these as tiny gifts that life throws your way. Eventually, let’s accept the fact that we are all looking for all sorts of answers. I have taken the time to find my answers and realize that the answers are all around me. I have become aware of these little nudges from what surrounds me and of the voices inside me. My gut tells me stuff I should pay attention to. When I ignore it, I walk right into trouble. Yes. I am a gut person. Perhaps. No. I haven’t found all the answers.

What is within and without together seems to form something realistic but in an abstract meta-physical sort of way. Okay. I know there would be a better way to put across what I mean to convey. For now, this is it. Umm…not really, I want you to think too…so yes, I play here, with words.  

Every decision we take in our professional life is like a calculated risk. We take a chance here. We forgo another there. We are meticulous about the attention we pay to little things because we would otherwise lose our job or mess up our career or our business. My question is, do we extend that same courage to our personal life? Why do we become such sissies about fighting for those we believe we desire the most in our life? Recall here the number of times you have kicked ass of people at work because they simply did not do what was required of them to do and it messed up your work. Recall the number of times you sat patiently explaining what you wanted, how it wasn’t working and what could be agreed upon going forward so it doesn’t happen again. Why do we do our jobs professionally and make good grades performance-wise and then treat ourselves and those we love like dirt in our personal life?

The number of what ifs that fill our heads with we want to deal with something personal is not even funny. If…if….if… Hypothetical situation, imagined outcomes, situations that are visualized and chances not taken. It all changes destiny. Our destiny. Do we take a call and dare or do we shelve it and let it rot until it degenerates, a relationship that dies its death because you really did not reach out and paid attention to it?

Ponder this!

- Sandy


  1. Beautiful thought process....
    Well presented!

  2. Sandy I know what you are going through and believe me we all are but in different ways.I would always question God as to why me and why this and why that. But with time and my experiences, I realized that we do get the answers but at the right time.Yes when you are standing at a crossroad, just follow your instinct.Accept what is happening because one day you will know exactly why that happened to you.Yes we can shape our destiny too but I feel " If you love something, set it free,if it comes back, it is yours, if it does not, it never was " !!

  3. Sandy.. Cheers!

    I guess there is some ESP going on between us.. Whenever something is going on in my mind, all i have to do is reads ur blog.. i can surely get a direction to channel my thots. :)

  4. Thank you Monica. Thank you Goddess!
    Ays - welcome! ESP indeed!