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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thoughts and a Sense of Dread

No, this is not a post about the regular stuff I write about. This is more about how I see the world around me, in a historical and political sense. This is about why I have never been impressed with the United States of America and why I do not have that urge to ever move or visit this bullying nation. My post is not targeted at the common American who walks the streets and has no control over the decisions that its country takes that makes it a bully. My post is simply an expression of a feeling of dread over what India is going to go through in this decade...something, if we do not wake up to on time, maybe even faster, before this decade is up.

Narendra Modi (read BJP) and the Wharton episode is something I have been wondering about. Kejriwal to replace Modi at Wharton Forum Now that Kejriwal (read Congress) has been brought into the picture, my mind (the little politics I see at a macro level - thanks to my Political Science professors in college) pictures the whole thing a little differently. I wonder how many more Indians see it that way. Let's take a head count somewhere. Baseless? Umm...no. With the elections coming up soon for the coveted Prime Ministerial post, which will have an impact on the future of Indian polity and economy, here I am asking why is it that Kejriwal gets an invite to Wharton? Especially, just before the elections? Is the US pitting them against each other and expressing its support for a slack Congress governance and slowly beginning to interfere in Indian politics in a very subtle manner? How big a threat is Narendra Modi to the US and their interests at large?

I am not a supporter of the current Government and Narendra Modi may not be a clean politician, but this is my country's laundry that does not require an external infiltration of opinions and subtle moves that will affect the nation's choices and turn of affairs. A lot of people will say I am over-reacting. I am not. I am simply expressing my perception of the subtle way the politics in the country and in the region is changing. It is simply a matter of viewing the macro of what's happening in a very micro invisible manner.

Let's view the US's advancement into the Asian continent...Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan...is India far behind? Read up How did the US involvement in SE Asia in the 1950's impact the political climate and US intervention in the Middle East and US involvement in Middle East - 2 Reasons to scale back All of this is, of course, made easier by a complacent political set-up, a kind non-aggressive border policy and corrupt politicians, insensitive and spineless police that oppresses more than protects, lack of safety and progressive inflation that India is diseased with. The cancer is not as benign as we think it is. The question is do we recognize it? 
For today, SRCC students New Entrepreneurs of Change , take a bow! 

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