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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Exit Point and My Journey

My association with Anil goes way back to 2005 when I first began blogging on Rediffiland. I was addicted to blogging, had a lot of time in my hands well. He used to call me ‘Chief’ (yes, I remember). I was truly excited when in June 2007 he told me his book was on the way to print and will hit the stands possibly by 2008. It has been such an amazing journey from ‘xanadu_diary’ and I have felt really good reading Exit Point. 

This review is for Anil, for Exit point and it is a fitting day because it is his birthday today. I am grateful to have found Exit Point in my hands to read when I needed a few answers and somehow, because I believe books come to you when you need them the most, I found Exit Point. I gifted two copies of it and I have one with me. 

When I finished reading Exit Point, I wanted to hug Anil and I told him so (that is pending until I meet him). It made that significant a difference in my life. I met a friend, or rather, made a new one who explained to me what artificial intelligence was all about. I didn’t quite get it. I am technologically challenged beyond a certain point and scientifically very challenged. When I finished the book, I had a good bit of that figured out. I had watched Interstellar two weeks before and that was fresh in my mind. 

I am not a technologist by any measure but all the thoughts I had been thinking, conversations I had had about divinity, the energy that is within us and that surrounds us, my journey of self-discovery gained a greater degree of clarity. The fight was between intelligence and emotions; mind over heart, or rather soul. My experiences manifest my thought processes yes, but my emotions, that come from a soul that has free will needed validation. I finally figured why women are stronger and why people are afraid to empower them. Strength and empowerment for women is different. Stronger. The most empowering thing in a woman is that she manifests both intelligence and emotions. That expanse is infinite. My question is, is that what a man is afraid of the most, that a woman, if empowered, will reach a point (as in Interstellar) where to start an entire race, she will not need the existing human race to survive anymore?

Exit Point has explored these possibilities and what Anil did convey in his book makes me wonder at the possibilities. He could be right. And if he is, we have a world that is spinning out of our sphere of control even as I express my views and thoughts here, on digital expressway, where everything and everyone is linked, connected, beyond what one can normally fathom. Exit Point made sense to me. That is a big deal, considering I am (yes, I repeat again) not inclined to understand too much of technology and science.

What I know is, I am headed right in my journey. The journey I am taking inside is reaffirmed by a surprise book that made sense to me on all levels (even with my limited faculty). My journey (one of the many simultaneous ones I am taking) is not technical but I like the fact that in a different dimension, the understanding and the journey is similar. For some people intelligence dominates, for some like me, emotions do but I know the path is, at some point going to blend. Intelligence versus emotion. Eventually there is a converging Exit Point. For both.

Happy Birthday Anil. I wish your journey to be full of possibilities. Thank you for making a difference. 

- Sandy@2014

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