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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

From Fourteen to Fifteen

Limitless possibilities is what every single day holds for us. In the transition from the year that was to the year that will be...here are things you could tap onto:

Dare a little more. Live a little more. Heck, live it up!

Smile a little more, show off your dimples. If you have no dimples, show how a smile without a dimple is just as good.

Step out of your comfort zone. It may feel a little slippery and unsure but there is a world of possibilities you have not explored yet that awaits you to indulge in.

Try to peel off the masks you don for those around you. Without make-up, you are beautiful and your soul and heart gets to show off.

Dance and feel the flow of music in your soul. You will realize the only music you need to dance thereafter is the one composed by your soul.

Open the windows and look at your darkness within. There are wounds there you have hidden away but they also make you who you are today as much as your successes.

Share your joy. Happiness of a forever kind is overrated. Joy in your heart of little moments that light up your eyes because they glow from within is worth a lot more than you give it value for.

Forgive yourself. There is a piece of divinity that exists inside you. Rid yourself of guilt and make that forgiveness complete by honoring yourself. 

Sigh if you want to. There are moments when you need to just be. Take it as it comes and it won't sound half as bad.

Love like you are loving for the first time. Fill it with wonder and the sweetness of the little bouts of butterflies that come to visit your stomach. Flip your heart for someone like that, even if it has happened before with someone else.

Appreciate all who touch your life in every way. You are changed as you you never were because of them. They have a purpose in your life even if you haven't yet had it figured out or probably never will.

Live passionately as much as you can. This life is your gift to you and there is just this life. 


- Sandy


  1. Thanks...so true...need to follow them,.how we forget being one's ownself in mad rush of life....

  2. Thank you Deepankar. Agree. I try to remind myself everyday and live it up the best I can. :)