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Friday, January 9, 2015

The God of All

Addressed to all the religious fanatics in the world who feel the experience of their respective religion should be embraced by the others who believe in personal experiences of spirituality in the confines of their private lives, who believe in a different divinity or no divinity at all. You are all blaming God for acts that are of your own doing and choices of your own making and sadly pulling the triggers by using God's name. That is the truth of it. That is the most pathetic act of cowardice. Own up to the murders and violence you commit as an individual, not as a messenger of God. God does not need you. You are all the wrong numbers that has messed up the quiet solace of peace that can be found in spirituality or in nature. 

Here is the thing. We are all a part of this planet Earth. This is the reality. If we mind our own business and sensibilities and spend as much time on being kinder to at least one person every single day, we, as a race and species would fare better. The sensibilities of us, so called humans, is either raping or being raped. Harsh words eh? Well, yes. It is needed. Do you know what is needed more? Compassion, empathy, kindness, love and tolerance. 

Why are we all persisting about this race for a greater God? It is as if God wants to compete with the sensibilities of fanaticism. No, this is where you are wrong. God is (to those who believe one exists) above and beyond all this. There is no divinity that will stoop so low, that has such a low self-esteem of itself that it needs to impress its importance on humans or any living thing by force. God does not need you morons. You are merely a really tiny part of the tiniest speck for the Universe under that power. Fool yourself not. This is your insecurity, your need for power and assertion, your lust for violence that propagates this maddening chain of events. No God wants a sacrifice. God created you (if you so believe) and you have free will. That free will is what you abuse every single time you set out to profess your religion or belief on someone else. God does not need your votes to exist. The fact that you feel it is needed does not purge you of your sins that you commit in the name of God. 

One may argue, what is sin for one is a pious act for another. That is not God's argument is all I am saying. That is your argument born out of a limited perspective that so limits the joy of the purity of positivity that you can experience otherwise. That is the pathetic part of it all. I feel sad for you all who go about shoving your respective religions down someone's throat. You forget that you cannot own that free will that resides within each human being. Everything you do is an attempt to attain that impossibility. Free will cannot be enslaved. It will break on through. 

A friend Zarina wrote this:
"Every time I get to know about a terror attack anywhere in the world, I find myself praying fervently that the proprietors should have nothing to do with Islam. Unfortunately they do have- more often than not, and my heart cries out in utter helplessness. It is alarming that instead of feeling the hurt and loss of the victims, and praying to the Almighty for giving their loved ones strength, I find my prayers directed towards an absolutely different and perhaps selfish cause. This tendency of my feelings, I suspect, is a result of them being overpowered and overwhelmed by a consistent fear. A fear for the Religion I cherish and for the scores of people like me who believe in true essence, the message of our beloved Prophet. Fortunately, never have I felt the tiniest bit of doubt about Islam or the Prophet’s message. But surely, this cannot be said of scores of others.

If, being a Muslim, every such incident generates in me excruciating anger and loathing for these sick people, how can I ever expect people of other faiths to be patient with Islam? However hard I cry out about the true message of my religion, can I expect anyone to care about it when these dumb wits cry out “Allahu Akbar” after slaying human beings? Oh! How I want to cry! To scream! To ask forgiveness, for each act of cruelty performed by these masked cowards wielding weapons in the name of Islam! Please forgive me for the crimes I did not commit and for the crimes that I did not approve of.

I want to ask these self proclaimed saviors of my religion a few questions. If any of you are listening, please answer my questions….

  • When do you feel the Prophet will turn in his grave with disgust - When he sees his caricature on a newspaper page OR when he sees his fellow humans being massacred on HIS behalf, by people like you?
  • Do you really believe Islam needs your aggression and violence to protect it?
  • Do you really believe that you are protecting and serving the interest of Islam by spreading such terror and barbarism across the world?
  • Do you really think you are protecting my interest when, with every act of violence, you are making me vulnerable to increasing hatred and loathing?
  •  Do you think that you can rest in peace in the next world when THAT is exactly what you never allowed in this world?
  • If you really think that image of the Almighty or the Prophet would be tarnished by mere cartoons, caricatures or misinformation, what do you think will your merciless execution of your own brethren do to their image? Do you really think it will bring them glory?
    Do you really think that you can force all of humanity into believing in Islam by terrorizing them?
  • If the answer to all these questions is “Yes”, then YOU ARE NOT MUSLIMS! So STOP taking the name of Islam and Allah as an excuse for your cowardice.
 If the answer is “NO”, then please turn back to the Almighty. For you have already distanced yourself from him in a way that will take your lifetime and more to just make a U turn!
If it is an attempt of powerful people with vested interests, to tarnish the image of Islam, then this power is your test and to use or abuse it, your decision. But, if you think that you can get away with it, the only one you are kidding, is yourself. Get Well Soon!"

I would like to use this same piece for all religions. Fanaticism doesn't exist alone in a religion that is not your own.

Do you know what disgusts me most of all? The columns in the countless forms I fill up for the banks, for the Government related documents, the courts, schools, colleges, any darned place. What my religious status got to do with my driving, my education, financial transactions, social security, insurance, health? Who propagates and cultivates this division in the name of caste, religion etc? Right! You got it. If you didn't, I know which club you belong to. 

My head bows to the Divinity I believe in. I do not need to bow my head to your directives of how my relationship is supposed to be with the Divine. The divinity in me recognizes the divinity in you. Namastae. That is what 'Namastae' means. I limit myself to that alone. Do not shove anything down my throat. I do not respect that. I never will. I believe in a divinity of compassion, empathy, kindness and pure unconditional love. Everything else is bullshit. Period.

- Sandy

(With due acknowledgment to Zarina who happily agreed to let me share her post ~ much appreciated!)