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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award - Second One

I am humbled and grateful for a second time and this time to Uttpal who insisted that I accept this even if I had already received this last month because he felt I deserved it.

If I was speechless about it last month, I am even more so now.To sustain this is going to take me twice the effort...oh wait! I don't really make an effort any more. It is becoming a habit perhaps. You see, that is what happens when one's appreciated for what is being shared and I really am grateful that it makes a difference in the lives of so many, even if I have not met most of them personally.

If I am to go by the indicative rules I have to carry this torch and do a few things.
1. Mention seven more things about myself
2. Nominate fifteen more people (apart from those I nominated last month) who are making a difference with their blogs.

So, here I go...

Seven more things...

1. I am partial to dogs. I melt at the sight of them and I wish to God I had a huge place where I could have more than just one. However, I am grateful I have one. He loves me unconditionally. Find me a therapist who loves you unconditionally and does not judge you...yep, you get the drift.

2. I may not be lucky and Murphy may be my best friend but to make up, God has given me an extended family of amazing friends and I cherish them.

3. At any given point of time, I am always in love. Don't ask how. It is just what it is.

4. I am told I give the best hugs in the world. I am beginning to believe it.

5. Orchids are my favorite flowers. I am allergic to jasmine, lilies and well...white flowers. It is not that I do not like them. I cannot be around it.

6. A few things will always melt my heart...babies gurgling with laughter, babies gripping my finger, my daughter's eyes, hugs from friends, being loved.

7. As much as there is negativity in the world, there is positivity as well...you only see what you feed.


1. Wisdom Times
2. Sudatta's Blog
3. The Top Post!
4. Life Stalker
5. Kalpanaawrites
6. Lucid Dreams
7. Ananya Tales
8. Nandini Speaks
9. Memories
10. Sunshine and Zephyr by Shweta
11. Mumbai Daily
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13. Hell Its Mine
14. Footloose Forever
15. A Foodie, A Traveler and not a BLOGGER




  1. congrats,,,,your blog is really awesome...
    your most welcome to my blog.

  2. Thank you Sandhya. I am humbled by your kind gesture and nomination :)

    Karan Gandhi

  3. Appreciate the honour bestowed upon me Sandy but my blog does not accept awards so please feel free to award it to some other blogger who will carry it forward.
    Thank you
    No offence

  4. this is completely out of blue. but I think this award not meant for me, least this point of time. I think there are many people who are doing better job than me, and there are many people who need to be applauded for what they are doing. but for the sake of love, you lavished on me, i love to share my top 15. thank you once again for the nomination :)

  5. Congratulations ..
    I am overwhelmed to receive this nomintaion from a great blogger like you,
    Thank you so very much, really appreciate it :)


  6. Thanks for the nomination. Really honoured :)

  7. @magiceye - It is yours. Not passing it.
    @Uttpal - Thank you!
    @Life Stalker - it is always the reader's perspective :) This is yours.
    @Annya - welcome!

  8. Wow! Congrats Sandhya! It's great to learn about you. You have a lovely blog and I adore the blog name- between cups of coffee! :))

    Wish you lots of luck!