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Friday, March 27, 2015

Ten Things Before I Kick the Bucket

My bucket for the list of things to do before I die is bottomless really. But, here are my ten that tops the unending list in no particular sequence:

1. Write a book/ write books 
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It is taking longer than ever but it is still one of the things I really wish to accomplish before I die. I will.

2. Dream Drives/Road Trips/Places 

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(i). Ladakh
The North of India has this beautiful land hidden away which is a long time dream of mine to explore. A road trip, no specific plan but just drive to wherever the roads take me and off road too. I believe this particular road trip for me is an important one in my journey to find myself, to reflect, pause and look inward. 
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(ii)  Storseisundet bridge Atlantic Road and Tromose (Northern Lights) Norway
This unbelievable 8km road  connects the cities of Kristiansund and Molde. This road is an open sea road along the Norwegian coast crossing  islands; the distance between the islands were so small that a road was built over the archipelago. For a person who loves to drive, this is one stretch I want to drive. A drive right through Germany's Autobahn. As for the Northern Light, I don't even need to say anything about Aurora Borealis. 

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(iii)  Annecy, France 
In south-eastern France,on the northern tip of Lake Annecy is this beautiful Venice-like town. Only, it is more picturesque and quiet and as yet unknown. The criss-cross of canals makes it one of the most photogenic places in France. 
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 (iv) Folegandros, Greece
Tucked away in the Aegean Sea is this pristine white paradise of Folegandros on a 700ft cliff. This place has been on my list of travel spot for the past decade. Someday, I want to take in the splendor of it all in person, walk down to the sea on the ancient mule tracks and forget the rest of the world exists.
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(v) Masai Mara Sanctuary Safari, Kenya
Yes, this is one safari where I am willing to let go of my hands on the wheel and simply explore and go around appreciating wildlife in Africa. One of my favourite dream safaris because there is nothing that compares to an African  safari and an African sunset.
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(vi) Machu Picchu, Peru
This is one of my dream sites to visit from history. The mystery and the magical spirituality of the place beckons to me. Situated on a mountain ridge above the Sacred Valley, this beautiful surreal destination is a must visit for me. 

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(vii) Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
Tawang is a peaceful hill station in Arunachal Pradesh in North East India. The challenge lies in reaching the place and the journey is incredibly fulfilling I have been told. 
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(viii) Munsiyari, Uttarakhand
This is one challenging drive and very rewarding in terms of the beauty and quaint life it leads. Nestled in Pithoragarh, this place is a starting point for a number of treks into the unexplored Himlayas.
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(ix) Salt Desert, Kutch
I am not really one for dry desert drives but this one is unique. The stark white salt desert and the splashes of colour of its people. I have this roaad trip to make too!
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(x) Cinque Terre, Italy
This bunch of five villages (and the colours are amazing) on the Italian Riviera is another dream destination for me that overlooks the Mediterranean. The cuisine, the people, the places all calls out enticingly to venture into a world that explodes your senses. 

3. Make a Film - Script/Direct
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Yes, I have co-produced one film, and a National Award Winner at that but I want to direct a film that I write the script for. Someday, I will.

4. Donate hair to a cancer patient
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If you see the length of my hair, you will laugh at this one. My hair currently is less than 5mm long. Yes, I wish to grow my hair long enough and then cut it to donate to a cancer patient who wishes for hair. 

5. Open a bristo/A food truck that goes everywhere

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This is a dream for me. I will get to it.  One can pay as much as they feel like. Hmm...I gotta earn enough for this but that is how I wish for it to be. My wanderlust and need to cook for those who love to eat could work.

6. Learn to Salsa
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This is one dance form I wish to learn. For someone with two left feet, this is a dream but it is on my list. Bring on the shoes. Umm...I have to get my back sorted first I am getting there though, slowly but surely. 

7. Specialise in Black and White Photography
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I held my first camera at the age of 9 when I scrimped and saved two hundred and fifty bucks to buy a black and white Agfa Click III that used little film rolls (12 exposures). It has been a journey for me. I am an amateur phtographer who takes pictures more by instinct than technical perfection. It is my dream to be mentored by Rafique Sayed and learn. 

8. Buy a Mercedes for my Dad
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I know I have to be incredibly rich to cover this one. My passion for cars comes from my father. His favorite brand of cars is a Mercedes. He believes Daimler engines are the best there is out there. I want him to have one. 

9. Live without communication gadgets for a year
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Am I nuts? 
I want to do this. 

10. Will my vital organs to anyone who may need it and my body for medical research
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I may not be sure how I will die but I do not wish to be cremated or buried. I wish for my body to be put to good use. This really is not something for before I die but yes, this is the one thing I want done after I die.

Phew! I need to be incredibly rich. I am wealthy though..

- Sandy